Demons Watching Our For Me? Oh, Wow! by Nelson Price

MARK 5: 1 - 17
JESUS CHRIST wants us to have a balanced concept of the
supernatural. Having studied angels, let's give consideration to
their opposite counterparts, demons.
On seven occasions Jesus encountered people possessed by demons.
Were they really? Or, was Jesus just accommodating a
superstition of the day. They really were demon possessed.
One occasion Jesus came to a region along the Sea of Galilee
known as Gadara. There He encountered a man possessed. Jesus
asked the demon leader his name. "Legion," he replied, "for we
are many." A legion was 6,000.
The demons asked to be allowed to enter a herd of hogs when
about to be cast out of the man. When Jesus cast them out and
they entered the hogs Jesus said, "Sewey," and they ran into the
water and committed "hogicide."
When the people of the town came out and saw the formerly demon
possessed individual in his right mind and clothed, they
marveled and did an unusual thing. They asked Jesus to get out
of town. Why?
Pig farming was illegal. Swine were considered unclean by Jewish
standards. This was a bootleg herd of swine of which the town
was prospering. When the hogs drowned Jesus did something that
was bad for the economy. Though He did that which was
spiritually and physically good for the demonic and the
community, it was bad for business. Then as now that seems to be
the primary concern in most communities. The economy fir ...

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