You Can Be More Productive by Nelson Price

JOHN 21: 1 - 13
JESUS CHRIST wants to enable you to become all that you were
created to be. That is far more than anyone can become alone.
One of the world's greatest athletes sat with me until after
midnight asking one Bible question after another. It was Pete
Maravich, and I had just baptized him the day before. He was
hungry for the Word of God. Having discipled him for a year
after his salvation and before his baptism, I had seen his
insatiable hunger for the Word of God.
He had now grown to realize what a total difference Christ can
make in a life. He now knew experientially how much better life
was with Christ than it had been without Him.
Remember who this was. He was an All-American basketball player
at LSU. He averaged an incredible 44 points a game in three
years in college, and that was before the 3 point play at which
he would have excelled. He was All-Pro in the NBA. As an athlete
one word fit him - phenomenal. Remember the man I am about to
quote was indisputably great.
He interrupted our conversation and abruptly jumped from his
chair and pounded my desk saying, "Man was I great..." There was
no ego there, just a fact, and I couldn't dispute it. His full
statement was: "Man was I great, but just think how great I
could have been if I had known Christ then as my Savior and
Pete knew belatedly how much better everything in life iswith
Jesus Christ at the center of one's life.
The New Test ...

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