A Perfect Ten by Nelson Price

PSALM 19: 7 - 11
JESUS CHRIST was approached by a rich young ruler who evidently
was a charmer and obviously a genuine all around good guy. The
probing mind of this potential potentate prompted him to ask
Jesus what he must do to inherit the kingdom. To clear the lens
of learning Jesus focused in on some of the Ten Commandments.
The verbal exchange and mental response between the two must
have gone something like this.
"You know the commandments: 'Do not commit adultery,'"
Can't you just see the rich young ruler, this virtuous young man
saying, "I'm OK so far."
Jesus continued, "Do not murder,"
Happily the inaudible response could have been, "That's two in a
"Don't steal," said Jesus.
"I've got a lock on the kingdom," thinks the young ruler.
"Do not bear false witness."
"Wow! That one was close, but I'm still OK."
"Do not defraud (that is, cheat)," continues Jesus.
Wide eyed the youth muses, "That's five and I'm still clean."
Parenthetically, you have to admit he is doing pretty good. Not
many among us could keep up with him.
"Honor your father and your mother."
With wild eyed excitement the young ruler interrupts
exuberantly, "Teacher, all these things I have observed from my
youth." (Mark 10: 19, 20). Translated: "What a good boy am I!"
Jesus knew him, loved him, and wanted to help him. Therefore, He
touched the young man's sensitive exposed nerve as He continued,
"One thing you lack: Go your way, se ...

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