Ours Is by Nelson Price

HEBREWS 2: 14 - 18

JESUS CHRIST was God alive with us on the earth. He was one of
the two eternal universal super powers, the other being Satan.
When the spiritual world is spoken of, it causes certain valid
questions to be asked.
One legitimate one: "Is there really a God?"
One law of logic is that you can't prove a negative. You can't
prove there is no God. There are, however, certain evidences
there is a God. There are numerous additional evidences that not
only is there a God, but that this God loves you.
Take, for example, where there is design, there is a designer.
Where there is law, there is a law giver.
Jesus won many victories over Satan. Every time they met
one-on-one, Jesus won. In the wilderness where Satan tempted
Christ there was an unconditional victory won by Jesus.
Imagine a brutal terrorist holding hostages. The terrorist wants
to make the government look bad so he threatens the lives of the
hostages. He intends to kill them regardless of what the
government does.
To his surprise, the leader of the government doesn't offer to
compromise. Instead, he offers to become a hostage also. The
terrorist is gleeful. He now has the opportunity to hold captive
this governmental leader he hates so much. He has the leader
right where he wants him.
To the surprise of the terrorist, three days later he finds
himself having been overcome by the leader who now has him
looking down the barrel of his own gun.
That is exactly what happened. Satan ...

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