The Ultimate Tri Unity Of Womenhood by Nelson Price

PROVERBS 31: 1 - 12 & 25 - 31
JESUS CHRIST gave us an example of what it means to honor father
and mother and added to it an exhortation to do so.
Once a year America appropriately pauses but for a day to pay
tribute to mothers. Currently it is a day that evokes different
emotions. It formerly was a made-to-order day for easy
preaching. Today it is such a sensitive subject it demands the
optimum of tact and taxes the holy craft of preaching.
JESUS CHRIST often pressed the point related to honoring father
and mother. Biblically, a mother is to care for and provide for
her children. Likewise Biblically, adult children are to care
for their aging parents. However, in Christ's day some children
of adult parents found a way around assuming the responsibility
for their aging parents. Matthew records how Christ dealt with
this in 15: 3 - 9.
If the adult child dedicated his resources to the temple, this
meant the resources could not be used for any other purpose. To
avoid having to care for their older parents, many YUPPIES of
His day would craftily dedicate all their resources to the
temple --- payable upon their death. Thus, they and they only
could use their resources. Thereby they were relieved from
caring for their aged parents.
Christ called such cunning and selfish adult children
"hypocrites" and said of them, "These people draw near to Me
their mouth, and honor Me with their lips ...

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