The Cultural War: Battlefield, The Mind Field by Nelson Price

The Cultural War: Battlefield, The Mind Field
Nelson Price
Philippians 2:5

JESUS CHRIST probed for an answer from His disciples regarding
who people thought He was. After the public opinion poll He
asked them, "Who do you say I am?"
He knew the human mind to be the battlefield on which our
spiritual warfare is fought. In America today, three inundating
tidal waves of philosophies are changing the moral climate and
spiritual atmosphere.
Three non-conservative publications highlighted our cultural
Time in a cover story on ethics lamented, "What's wrong?
Hypocrisy, betrayal and greed unsettle a nation's soul."
Washington Post wrote of America as "a society increasingly
confronted by incidents in which the actions of adults or
children seem bereft or morality and conscience ... Some experts
say the depth of the problem has reached a point where common
decency can no longer be described as common ... Somewhere,
somehow, the traditional value system got disconnected for a
growing number of America's next generation."
The New Republic said there is a widespread "sense that nothing
is true and everything is permitted," and accuses society of a
failure "to teach civilization."
In a humorous vein an educator was asked, "What do you think of
civilization?" In response, the learned observer said, "I think
it is a good idea, someone should start one."
* Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among
* Teen pregnancy has risen by over 621% in the last fifty
* Substance abuse claims younger and younger victims with
harder drugs every year.
The challenge t ...

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