Life On The Wing by Nelson Price

ISAIAH 40: 28 - 31
JESUS CHRIST said, "Come unto Me, all you who labor and are
heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11: 28).
Perhaps your response is, "Where is the express lane?"
The prophet Isaiah wrote to the people of his day who were in a
posture not dissimilar to our own. They were faced with
formidable opposition and potential oppression. Their
predecessors had encountered evil empires that threatened their
very existence.
The generations still represented by valiant souls among us
faced the formidable Nazi force. The Axis of Germany, Italy, and
Japan seemed unstoppable.
After the defeat of this dread force came the perpetual threat
of Communism which conquered an empire so vast that the world
had never known anything like it.
Many, during the emergence of these international threats,
forgot the description given by Isaiah of what is considered a
great nation in comparison to God. We Americans need to remember
it lest we become boastful and even arrogant.
Isaiah 40: 21 - 24 (READ) puts such powers in perspective.
They are like dust on God's balancing scales and are blown away
like dust; their gods are silent.

If that is true of nations, it is also the perspective we should
have of any problem confronting us. To us it may seem
insurmountable but to God it is no challenging obstacle.
Therefore, I commend to you as your guide and guardian our
loving Lord Who is able to deliver you. Our text s ...

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