When Faith Fails Love Prevails by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 28: 1 - 7
JESUS CHRIST said, "I am the resurrection and the life" (John
11:25). Then to prove it He went out and got Himself crucified.
I challenge you to think objectively with me about a matchless
miracle -- the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
For Him to be resurrected He had to die. Skeptics speculate that
He never died but rather swooned and was later revived. This is
a preposterous hypothesis proposed by persons who know little
about crucifixion. The Roman garrison stationed in Jerusalem
kept on duty at all times an execution squad. They were skilled
and schooled artisans of death. These cruel craftsmen of death
knew how to definitively extract human life from a body in the
most agonizing manner. They knew death. When they finished with
their cunning and pronounced a person dead, the person was dead.
The authoritative seal of Rome was on the equivalent of His
death certificate. This death squad did their work and upon
finishing it declared, "He is dead."
Fix the fact, that was a dead Jesus put in the tomb.
A preliminary procedure in preparation for burial involved
wrapping the body from head to foot in a gauze-like grave cloth
held in place by an adhesive. To remove this resin-based form of
epoxy would peal the flesh with it. Remember that when we
explore the burial scene shortly.
Last week I saw such a body of a monk buried around 600 A.D in
St. John's monastery in the Valley of the Shadow ...

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