How To Be A World Class Noncomformist by Nelson Price

ROMANS 12: 1 - 2
JESUS CHRIST, who exhorts His followers to follow Him, was the
world's premier nonconformist. He didn't fit the world's mold.
He established a new norm. He is our pattern, partner, and
personal power.
JESUS CHRIST said His followers were to be "in the world but
not of the world."
He is the prototype of what you were created to be.
Most persons have a role model, someone they copy. For some it
is Bart Simpson, for some its Michael Jackson, for some Tom
Cruse, for some it's Michael Jordan, and the list goes on.
In many of our role models we can see Christ's likeness. That's
commendable. However, it is best to go back to the original,
Jesus Christ, and study the undiluted original you were created
to be like.
Come with me on an exciting adventure through the words of
Romans 12: 1 - 2.
"I beseech you," PARAKALO, primarily means "to come alongside."
This is a positive offer of encouraging help. It is physically
illustrated by response to an injured teammate in athletics.
Suppose a leg or ankle is injured. A teammate comes alongside,
puts his shoulder under the injured friend's arm and supports
If an elephant is injured and can't get up, other elephants in
the herd come alongside and use their combined strength to
help the fallen one get up and they walk along beside to support
the weaker one.
The word "beseech" is one that speaks of tenderness. I want to
m ...

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