Back In The Box Jesus by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 2: 1 - 11

JESUS CHRIST birth has once again been celebrated. Excitement
has built over a period of weeks. Persons have been more
expressive of love, joy, good will, and peace than at any time
of the year.
But that was yesterday.
Once more Christmas has come and gone. Nothing is as over as
Christmas, when it is over.
Before Christmas, up goes expectations and the day after down
comes the decorations. My wife permits me the pleasure in
participating in re-decorating the house. I get to go around
packing up the many nativities we put out for the celebration.
There goes Mary and Joseph followed by sheep and wise men. The
last figure in each creche to be put away is Jesus. The moment
inevitably comes when its time: "Back in the box Jesus." He too
is packed and put away.
Somehow that seems symbolical of what really happens. As soon as
Christmas day is passed we put away Jesus and return to our
daily wars.
There is a Peanuts cartoon in which Lucy says to Charlie Brown.
"'Tis the season of peace on earth good will toward men. I
suppose we ought to be a little kinder to each other."
The ever hopeful Charlie responds, "It's a shame we can'tmake it
last all year." To which Lucy retorts, "What are you, some kind
of religious fanatic?"
Soon after Christ was born wise men from the East came seeking
Him to worship Him. They ventured to Jerusalem and inquired of
Herod, "Where is He who has been b ...

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