The Delight Inherent In Discipleship by Nelson Price

JOHN 13: 34, 35
JESUS CHRIST wants to confront you in these moments with the
potential for a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Perhaps you are like the many who have tried to be somebody by
trying to be like everybody which makes you a nobody. To you
Christ extends an invitation to a different and exciting life.
It begins with His call to "Come out from among them..."
Our world today is not all together dissimilar to that of the
New Testament era.
The religious world, like a lazy infant, lulled in the cradle of
creedal formality. Religious leaders then, like many now, had
broadened the confines of ceremony and multiplied the system of
legalism. Formality had drained all vitality from faith. In the
habitat where hope should have been most at home hope was
The secular world, was suffering because the Roman eagle had
sunken its blood letting talons deep into the heart of humanity
and drained it of hope.
The bloody boot of Rome had been placed on the neck of mankind
with such vigorous force that poverty and depravity were the
Complacency was common place. Squalor and slavery were so
entrenched that little hope of anything good was alive.
Just when it seemed all reason for hope was lost a young rabbi
came walking out of the cave dwelling village of Nazareth
in Galilee. His rag-tag band of followers marched across the
Judean sands with Him as He proclaimed a message of hope. His

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