A High View Of God by Nelson Price

MARK 12: 29 - 31
JESUS CHRIST summarily said we should love the Lord our God in
an unqualified and uninhibited manner; without limit.
Let me ask a simple but important question: "How much can you
trust a person?"
In finality the answer is "you can only trust a person as much
as you know him." You can only trust a person to the extent you
know that person. The same is true of God. You can know the
premises and promises of the faith and yet not trust God.
However, to really know Him is to fully trust Him.
Through the Psalmist God gave insight why some persons don't
trust Him: "You thought I was altogether like you" (Ps. 50: 21).
One reason for a popular anemic brand of Christianity today is a
low view of God.
The French atheist, Voltaire, once said, "The Bible says, 'God
made man in his own image,' and now man has returned the favor."
If your image of God is that He is merely a super person, you
will never fully trust Him properly.
On the flip side, a correct knowledge of God will result in
loving trust of Him. That will provide you with strength for
living as Daniel revealed: "But the people who know their God
shall be strong, and carry out great exploits" (Daniel 11: 32).
Last year God set before this church a test which many passed.
It was to initiate one of His "great exploits," the funding of
the construction of a building in His name. His purpose wasn't a
building but the building of His people. He wanted persons to

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