The Cultural War: (THE Green) Battlefie by Nelson Price

PSALM 24: 1, 2
JESUS CHRIST referred to His Heavenly Father as "Lord of heaven
and earth" (Matthew 11: 25).
He said " God's throne" and "the His
footstool" (Matthew 5: 34, 35).
Jesus Christ did not say, "the Lord IS heaven and earth," He
said He is "Lord OF heaven and earth."
There is much difference in believing everything is OF God and
everything IS God.
In our day, advocates of the ages old philosophy known as
pantheism, engaging in the spiritual warfare under the banner of
New Age thought, teach heaven and earth ARE God. Adherents of
this unbiblical concept believe God created everything and
therefore everything is God. Hence, you are divine, you are God.
Pantheism allows for no meaningful distinction between different
aspects of creation, namely, human beings and other creatures.
This type thinking lowers human beings rather than elevating the
natural order.
This "all-is-one" pantheism is the basis of Buddhism and
Hinduism. It comes clad in different clothing called "New Age"
thought. In reality it is old mystical spiritualism and
environmental holism with a new vocal wardrobe.
At the heart it is spiritual monism which teaches all is one and
that "all is god."
Christians need a fundamental understanding of the New Age
philosophy behind much of the ecological warfare. They speak of
the Gaia Hypothesis when discussing planetary consciousness.
This school of thought holds that the earth and all life upon it
form one living being. It gets the name Gaia from the Greek
Mother Goddess Gaia.
This is the basis for the animal rights ...

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