Torn Curtain, An Open Door by Nelson Price

LUKE 23: 44 - 46
JESUS CHRIST, the bodily resurrected Lord, was seen alive. At
first with disbelief and then with mounting confidence, His
disciples had seen Him. He was literally visibly seen. This was
no hallucination. There is no such thing as a group
hallucination. On more than one occasion He invited them to look
at His wounds and touch Him, declaring He was no ghost (Luke 24:
Meanwhile, back on the temple mount great confusion prevailed. A
gentle breeze blew and the long veil, the curtain between the
Holy Place and the Holy of Holies blew in the wind. Just day
before yesterday, at the moment of Christ's death, it had
mysteriously torn from the top to the bottom.
An understanding of what it symbolized will help our
understanding of why this rip caused such a ripple. Please
follow me on this from the first in order that the ending might
be clearer.
Exodus 26: 31ff gives details of the construction of and purpose
for the curtain.As the nomadic people of Israel had traveled to
Canaan, they would set up their Tabernacle in various places of
worship and sacrifice. It was constructed according to certain
divine instructions. At the center was the Ark of the Covenant.
This area was known as the Holy of Holies. It was separated from
the Holy Place by a magnificent curtain woven of
blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and the finest linen, embroidered
with cherubims, and hung with golden hooks.
The purpose of th ...

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