A Synonym For Chruch by Nelson Price

EPHESIANS 4: 15c - 16
JESUS CHRIST is lovingly spoken of as "the head" of the church.
Where there is a head there needs to be a body. The most
flattering title granted the followers of Christ is "the body of
With resolute determination Christ promised to build His church.
Being a part of that process is an exciting blessing.
The church is not simply buildings. That is the church house.
The church isn't merely a series of meetings. Those are church
The church is a group of people interacting in the name of
Christ to meet one another's spiritual needs, challenge each
other to holy living, and bring influence on society that
enhances community life by holding up the standards of morality.
Every week in the U.S. 40% of the adult population attends a
house of worship.
There are more ministers in America than there are Ford and
Chrysler employees combined.
If religion in America were a business, it would rank number
five in the Fortune 500. Its $50 billion income would put it
just behind IBM and ahead of GE.
If the volunteer hours rendered through churches were
calculated, they would total over $75 billion a year.

However, the real importance of the church isn't indicated by
these facts. The basic nitty and fundamental gritty regarding
the importance and impact of the church is found in the loving
relations between the Head, Jesus Christ, and the body, His
loving followers, a ...

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