Life's A Class I N Character Building by Nelson Price

Joshua l: 8, 9
(Page 323 Come Alive Bible)

JESUS CHRIST lovingly is offering you a set of circumstances
which, if responded to properly, will build in you character
that is pleasing to Him and profitable for you.
Do you believe that? Whether you do or not is evidenced by the
way you respond to what happens to you.
You can't control what happens to you, but you can control how
you respond to it. In doing so, you reveal your character. A
little verse depicting two persons looking out a prison window
indicates how different people can respond to the same
"Two men looked out bars,
One saw mud, the other stars."
We were created by a loving God who intended us to look up and
see the stars. The Greek word for man, ANTHROPOS, means "the
up-looking one."
Lines from a poem I learned in college contain this truth:
"Man cannot live until he sees
The stars through the cyprus trees."
The stars symbolize hope and the cyprus depicts sorrow. Only
when you can demonstrate hope amid sorrow do you have the
character needed for life. It is character pleasing to the
The Old Testament character Joshua confronted character-building
circumstances in the face of adversity. By studying him and his
response, we can learn proper responses to adversity.
Moses had died. Joshua, his assistant for years, emerged as
God's chosen leader. Joshua put his foot on the platform of
history so loudly that all ages echo with the tread.
The exhortation given him and the people he was leading
in ...

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