How To Relate To Loneliness by Nelson Price

PSALMS 25: 16 - 21
JESUS CHRIST knew loneliness. If you have ever experienced
loneliness He can relate to you.
Loneliness is an emotional epidemic. It's rampant.
Psychologist Carl Jung said summarily: "The pressures and
problems of our complex society have produced a world or lonely
people jammed together like sardines in a can called 'earth.'"
Writer Thomas Wolfe once put it this way, "loneliness, far from
being a rare and curious phenomenon peculiar to myself and a few
other solitary men, is the central and inevitable fact of human
A melancholy Linus admitted to that great philosopher, Charlie
Brown, he was afraid to go into the public library because it
made him feel lonely. The ever consoling Charlie Brown tried to
explain everybody is lonely in some place or another.
Linus countered: "What's your place?"
To which Charlie Brown replied, "Earth!"
We love Charlie because we can relate to him. He is us.
Loneliness started in the Garden of Eden and continues today.
King David knew its pain and described his despair thus: "I am
like a sparrow alone on the housetop." Have you ever felt that
way. Most of us have --- and will.

In trying to deal with it many turn to drinking, using other
drugs, or promiscuous sex. These fraudulent solutions only make
things more complex. They often provide a new generation of
problems to go along with loneliness. These are unsuccessful
reactions to lonelines ...

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