Makes Of A True Disciple by Nelson Price

JOHN 13: 31 -35
JESUS CHRIST was awaiting His execution. The reason for Him
coming to earth was about to be fulfilled. He was less than
eighteen hours from the cross when He gathered in the upper room
with twelve of His followers.
Recount! Eleven of His followers and one pretender. It seems
that when there is a genuine of value there are always
counterfeits. Judas, the soon to be betrayer, was such a
Judas is the answer to the question: "How close can you come to
heaven and still miss it?" He had his hand on the door and
missed it.
In that upper room were people with personalities, temperaments,
emotions, and feelings just like us. They were soon to become
more like Him thaN us. As such, they are an encouragement to us
to become like Christ? If that cast of characters did, so can
Would you like to become more like the one believers call "the
Master?" Would you really like to bear the marks identifying
you as a follower of Christ? He wants you to.
He doesn't want superficial, secret disciples who charade as
covert Christians. He wants hard-core consistent followers who
are identifiable by their life style.
We who profess to be Christians often confuse the world. They
hear some who confess to being Christian who by their
actions do not profess as followers of Christ should. Christ
wanted to avoid Satan having decoys within His little flock. He
does not want anyone bearing His nam ...

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