I Was Just Wondering by Nelson Price

LUKE 2: 1 - 20
JESUS CHRIST, Immanuel, God with us, stepped on to the earthly
stage in a tiny secluded manger with its sweet-smelling straw.
He who created the hay on which He lay was as old as His Father
and eons older than His mother. He who in eternity leaned on the
breast on His Father without any mother now leaned on the breast
of His mother without any Father.
Nearly 2,000 years ago the most colossal event in the history of
the world occurred.
Wouldn't you have liked for God to have allowed you to stage
this drama? I would have fountains of fire burst out all over
the region. I would have pinned a black velvet curtain across
the sun to shroud it till time for the dawn's early light. Then,
accompanied by incomparable and innumerable herald trumpets and
harps of gold, I would have drawn the drape to allow one
magnificent beam of light to shine on just one spot on earth
---Rome. There I would have had my Son ride into the Eternal
City in a chariot of gold drawn by white stallions accompanied
by angels riding asteroids, and ... Wait, wait, I'm making this
advent a natural event. In reality there is nothing natural
about it. It is supernatural.

He might have come in regal pomp,
With the pealing of the Archangel trump ---
An angel blast as loud and dread
As that which shall awake the dead...
He came not thus; no earthquake shock
Shivered the everlasting r ...

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