Evaluate Your Commitment by Nelson Price

HAGGAI 1: 2 - 9
JESUS CHRIST came to set the captive free. "Free," comes the
response of those lacking spiritual maturity, "What do you mean
free? Man, life is a beach. I am free! This is one long party."
Party! I recently received a new book entitled CHRISTIANITY,
THE FAITH THAT MAKES SENSE. The first chapter is entitled "The
Worst Party Ever." For a moment let's attend that party.
You have just entered the room. Countless people are there
moving from booth to booth. Some booths make lavish promises
regarding exercise that will ensure health. Some offer art and
music lessons. One popular booth offers a variety of sexual
experiences. Another offers drug-related kicks.
There is one major problem. You have contracted a virus that
gives you less than three hours to live. So has everyone else
there. Everyone there is dying. You have less than three hours
to attend the party.
As you visit various booths, you notice persons who arrived
before you grow ill and die. As you linger, you notice you
aren't feeling as well. This robs you of some of the joy of the
Have you ever considered that is the actual condition of your
life? The party might last 70, 80, 90, or 100 years, but it will
end. Time is running out.
Imagine the excitement if you went to work at the party and
found a solution that would extend life five minutes. Imagine
the rush to get it. Now you will live three hours and five

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