An "UN-HUH" That Can Change Your Life by Nelson Price

JOHN 21: 1 - 17
[READ VERSES 15 - 17]
JESUS CHRIST often endures our embarrassing abuse, denial, and
betrayal only to come back compassionately to restore us to an
even more meaningful love relationship with Him.
On the eve of His crucifixion His disciples showed no staying
power when pressure was applied by the accusing Romans who came
to arrest Him in Gethsemane. They became instant mutineers. They
betrayed, denied, and abandoned Him. They were a disgrace to
their declared devotion as they fled for their lives.
Before we become too condemning we would do well to review our
own record. When was the last time you passed the test of
stick-a-bility? Has there been a social setting when Christ's
modern day accusers were so in control of the moment that you,
feeling the heat, betrayed Him? Have you been caught in a
circumstance where you were the minority and rather than lose
social or business acceptability you forsook Him?
The disciples who deserted had made impressive prior commitments
to Him. Only hours before, one of them had said, "Though I
should die with You, yet will I not deny You. Likewise also said
all the disciples" (Matthew 26: 35).
What a commitment! What a shallow commitment!
Commitment is essential in order to achieve anything. However,
behind public commitment must be the resolve to fulfill the
I have seen many make life-changing commitments. Some have made
dramatic commitmen ...

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