Go For The Goal by Nelson Price

II TIMOTHY 4: 6 - 8
JESUS CHRIST gives life a purpose, power, and propulsion. He
wants your life to have meaning. He knows that no individual can
live a full and meaningful life without a goal.
We are a goal-oriented society. Clinics, conferences, and
seminars are held on goal setting. Yet, few people envision
their life as having an overall goal.
Take you, for example. Have you ever written out your over-all
goal for life? Let's be a bit more specific. In life who do you
seek to please in every decision you make and every deed you do?
Is it a friend, yourself, "the gang," or if you are a youth,
your parents? Jesus Christ is our worthy standard.
Defined goals result in refined lives.
Often I find meaningful quotes authored by persons with whom I
have little philosophical kinship. I find it acceptable to quote
such statements because the Scripture says, "if there be any
virtue, think on these things" (Phil. 4:8).
In other words, a diamond found in a pig pen is still a diamond.
A diamond from the French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre, is
worth our attention. He said, "You will never find peace and
happiness until you are ready to commit yourself to something
worth dying for."
A Biblical example of one who found such a worthy goal is the
apostle Paul. In his mature years he, under the inspiration of
the Holy Spirit, addressed two of the books of our New Testament
to his young friend Timothy. In II Timothy 4: 6 - 8 he wrote in

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