What If Christ Had Not Come? by Nelson Price

JOHN 15: 20 - 22
JESUS CHRIST'S intervention into human experience, as Immanuel,
stands out on history's horizon like Mount Everest would on a
Florida beach.
Areas of our society where His love has not been allowed to
penetrate are like dark sinkholes in the universe pulling all,
by their destructive forces, into their abyss.
Lives that have excluded Him are devoid of the joy, peace, and
contentment inherent in the abundant life He provides.
In addressing His disciples in the upper room, Jesus used a
phrase that captures our imagination. It is "If I had not
come..." (John 15: 22a).
The full expression at first reading appears confusing. He said,
"If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin,
but now they have no excuse for their sin." (John 15:22).
Jesus is saying that so perfect and complete is His revelation
that no one has so much as a fig leaf behind which to hide if
the revelation is rejected.
Jesus Christ is the complete and absolute answer to all sin
except the sin of unbelief.
Prior to this, on repetitious occasions Jesus Christ had made
reference to the Father sending Him. Now He discloses why some
people don't receive Him: "...because they do not know Him who
sent Me." (John 15:21c).
When distilled, this expression means that knowledge and
privilege bring with them responsibility.
Imagine yourself as being sick. Upon consulting a doctor he make
the diagnosis and provides a prescription that will cure the
illness. You have knowledge and privilege that brings with it
responsibility. You can either take the medicine and enjoy the
cure or reject it and suffer one of two, if not both, options.
You can either die of the disease or live suffering the
consequence. Such a person would have no one but self to blame
for the outcome. This informed person is without excuse.
Jesus' statement means that with the revelation afforded by His
coming, the diagnosis of sin has been made: "The wages of sin is
death," and the cure provided, "The blood of Jesus Christ
cleanses us from all unrighteousness." Therefore, we either
receive the antidote for our sin or suffer the consequence. We
are without excuse.
As a child did you ever play "Just suppose," or "Imagine what
if." Maybe you referred to it as "Pretend." Perhaps ...

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