Father: A Missing Adhesive by Nelson Price

` 6/
JOSHUA 24: 15
JESUS CHRIST searched for an observable earthly relationship
that depicted warmth and closeness to use to help us understand
the nature and character of our invisible God. For God He used
the title "Father." He taught us to pray, "Our Father..."
Many children struggle in relating to a God conceived of as
"Father" in light of their relationship with their earthly dad.
Many dads are poor prototypes of a positive image of God
Let's reverse that procedure. To understand the nature, role,
and responsibility of the earthly role of dad, try to understand
it in light of the insight given us in Scripture of God. Only
in this light is it possible for a dad to understand the
strategic role he plays, not only in his family, but in society.
Dads and potential dads, consider three traits of God the Father
that earthly (that is "earthly" not "earthy") dads should play.
The Psalmist said, "Where can I flee from Your presence" (139:
7). God is Biblically characterized as being omnipresent. That
is, all present. No mortal man can be omnipresent. However, dad
should make being present with the family a priority.
I realize and will shortly document the fact these three
characteristics can't be fulfilled in many households by a
dadbecause dad is already absent. In such cases, moms, it
becomes incumbent upon you to compensate as best you can to see
to it that these functions are fulfilled as best they can be.
Mot ...

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