The Antichrist: The Coming World Dictator by Nelson Price

I JOHN 2: 18
JESUS CHRIST warned of false Christs (Matt. 24:23).
I John 2: 18 speaks of "the Antichrist" and "many antichrists."
The first reference is to "the" personal individual who is the
embodiment of everything antithetical to Christ. He is the
living personification of all that is opposite to Jesus Christ.
He is a "satanic superman."Thus, the title Anti - Christ.
The second refers to persons in general who oppose Christ and
His principles. This is a reference to a category of persons who
oppose Christ. Biblically we are told there are many.
The prefix "anti" not only means "against" but also "instead of"
or "in place of." It, therefore, includes false or pseudo
Christs; bogus Messiahs.
These pretenders have always used two special words to describe
their experience which they offer to others: "knowledge" and
"unction," that is a special anointing from God. They supposedly
have had a higher revelation or "illumination" from God which
has given them new insight not known by others. They live on a
higher plane.
I John 2:20 says of every believer, we "have an anointing of
God." In the Old Testament time, prophets, priests, and kings
were anointed with oil. Since Pentecost, all believers have been
anointed with the Holy Spirit. If "all" believers have, and it
is universal, it must be initial, that is, at the moment of
salvation. You don't need to pray for a fresh anointing.

I John 2:27 says "the anointing which you have received from Him
abides in you..."
The best way to avoid being deceived by a cultic antichrist is
to identify with a mainline Bible teaching/preaching church ...

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