Characteristics Christ Wants In You by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 16: 13 - 18
JESUS CHRIST, with resolute boldness, used emphatic words when
He said, "I will build my church..."
There is one entity, one organization on earth, of divine
origin. There is only one supernaturally-authored entity in
existence. Only one assured of divine assistance. It is the
church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Flawed by human frailties, it still serves as a lighthouse to
those traveling in darkness. Limited by a lack of devotion to
her Lord, the church still serves humanity as no other body.
Embarrassed by an occasional egotistical outburst by some of
those who profess to lead it, the church still offers the world
salt for its preservation, bread for its hungry, and cups of
cold water in Christ's name.
It is a place to which its young turn when they want to be wed
and want to be returned when they are dead.
It is the body to which presidents appeal for prayer when the
nation is in peril.
It is the house to which the broken, betrayed, and bewildered
turn for food for their bodies and souls when worldly
institutions and individuals have robbed them of their dignity
and identity.
Sure, it offers a fire escape from hell, but it offers much
more. It gives guidance on the highway to heaven.
The brutish Napoleon reputedly said, "The Caesars', Khans', and
Pharaohs' kingdoms have fallen. We built our kingdoms by the
sword, but the kingdom of Christ is built by love."
Frogs now chirp in tall grass where "Babylon the Great" once
Ancient Rome's splendor now lies in ruins.
Gr ...

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