Pm Sermon by Nelson Price

March 10, 1991
PM Sermon

I JOHN 2: 22 - 24
JESUS CHRIST said, "I am the way, the truth and the life; NO
man cometh to the Father but by me" (John 14: 6).
Today there is a great tide sweeping the world of a religious
movement needing Christianity's attention. It is the Islamic
faith. Islam is the faith. Muslims are the people who practice
the Islamic faith.
Westerners often call the religion of Islam "Mohammedanism" and
those who practice the religion "Mohammedans." Adherants object
because they say it makes it sound like they worship Mohammed
and they don't. They worship Allah.
Islam claims over 800,000,000 adherents, making it the second
largest religious group in the world. Islamic peoples in over 70
countries are now riding a crest of cultural and religious
Their growth in Europe has resulted in Belgium and Austria
adopting it as one of the religions taught in public schools.
ORIGIN OF ISLAM. Arabs believe God told Abraham to sacrifice
Ishmael instead of Isaac. Islam, meaning "submission," was born
among Arabian tribes who claim to descend from Ishmael.

In the first century after Christ, His devotees carried the
gospel all over the known world. Christianity was embraced by
millions. It conquered even the pagan Roman world. Rival
religions paled before it. Pagan religions collapsed before it.
Had the devotion evidenced by these early believers continued,
there would have been no fertile soil in which the Islamic faith
could have r ...

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