First Find The God Of A Second Chance by Nelson Price


John 8:1-11
JESUS CHRIST is in the redemptive business. He came "to seek and
to save."
His redemptive work is also restorative. His life's passion
carries on. With ambition He wants to take us from where we are
to where He knows we should be.
He wants to pardon the perishing.
He wants to purge the pretentious.
He wants to save the sinner.
He wants to sanctify the saints.
He has an unfinished work to do in the best of us. In the next
few moments we are going to relate to the account of Christ
dealing with the woman caught in adultery. However, in doing so,
let's not forget about her accusers. She may not represent many
of us, but they may represent most of us. We should notice it
was to the supposedly more spiritually mature that Christ
offered His initial challenge in this account. To them it was He
said, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."
Jesus Christ, in love, still offers Himself to people today. A
brief respite on the Mount of Olives among the friendly
Galileans separated two vital teaching sessions in Jerusalem.
As Jesus returned to the temple area early in the morning,
the mass of people greeted Him. His conflict the day before with
the religious leaders had not diminished His popularity with the
mass of people.
His teaching was interrupted by the religious leaders once more
in an effort to impel Him on the horns of a dilemma. They called
Him "Teacher," DIDASKALE, not Rabbi. Their sole purpose was to
test Jesus (Vs. 6). The Greek verb PEIRAZO meant "to lead into
sin." ...

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