Programmed To Self Destruct by Nelson Price

JOHN 15: 5 - 11

JESUS CHRIST wants to meet you in the inaugural days of a new
year and guide you. He will not promise insusceptibility to
suffering, immunity from adversity, or exemption from
difficulties. He does promise to be with us and guide us.
We grow faint and become discouraged like non-Christians because
we have allowed their thought patterns, vocabulary, and
attitudes to creep into our own life-style. Constant exposure to
worldly philosophy and only casual contact with Biblical
concepts often leaves a Christian feeling and acting like a
Exposure to the media programs our mind to conform to a degree
with the philosophy espoused. In that frame of reference,
consider how often you hear a Biblical concept constructively
advocated. How often is the action of your hero or heroine
We are having to rear our children in an X-rated society.
More children recognize Freddy Krueger than Abraham Lincoln or
David, Moses, Peter or Paul.
"As Nasty As They Wanna Be" by 2 Live Crew has 87 graphic
references to perverted sex, 226 uses of the "F" word, and 117
descriptions of genital organs. It has sold over 1.7 million
Rather than protest ritualistic slaughter by Freddy Krueger and
lude lyrics by 2 Live Crew, people rush to buy their products
and assert the right for them to be shown and sung.
Parents need to be a good example. Youths see no difference in
their listening to Bon Jovi sing "Living in Sin" and their
parents watching J.R. li ...

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