Armageddon: The Ultimate War by Nelson Price


REVELATION 19: 11 - 16
JESUS CHRIST, is the Prince of Peace, Who has promised His
people a peace that passes understanding. Regardless of the
extremity of the hour and the adversity with which you are
confronted He can enable you to have personal peace within.
He is the personification of love, that is, He is love embodied.
The Scripture says, "God is love" (I John 4:8). That love become
personal when you realize it relates to you. Actually God is in
love with you.
Biblically He is described as being patient, long suffering,
forebearing, kind, merciful, gentle, and full of grace. As we
know Him experientially He is all this and more.
From before the dawning of creation this Holy One has been
engaged in spiritual warfare with His adversary, the devil. The
antithesis of all good that can be spoken of Jesus Christ is
applicable to the devil. He comes to destroy, defraud, and
defame everything Christ represents.
There is to be an ultimate confrontation between these two
universal super powers and their allies called the Battle of
Armageddon. This ultimate spiritual class is so called because
it will be localized in the beautiful Valley of Jezreal in
Northern Israel called the Valley of Megiddeo or Armageddon.
Revelation describes it. In the opening verses there is a
prelude of praise related to our Champion of Peace. Four
Hallelujahs are noted in these first six verses. They
areappropriate because they give the heavenly view of Christ and
this conflict.
Incidentally, Hallelujah, with an "H" is a transliteration of

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