Aknowledge Who You Are by Nelson Price


PSALM 139: 13, 14
JESUS CHRIST is best described by one prefix better than any
other. It is the prefix "re." He is in the rebirth, renewal, and
revitalization business.
Many of us who fail so miserably, long for an opportunity
renewal. For some, this mandates rebirth. For others who have
already experienced rebirth, but have lost the joy of their
salvation, it means revitalization.
The circumstances of life have left some persons stripped of
personal dignity, robbed of a sense of self-worth, and deprived
of proper pride. A biblical view of ourselves will motivate us
to rightly relate to Jesus Christ and enjoy a refreshing,
wholesome self-image.
Self-condemnation, self-criticism, and self-debasement result
when we think of ourselves apart from Jesus Christ. Persons end
up defeated, depleted, and deflated.
Christ doesn't save a person with such an end in mind. He
doesn't want any person to abide in such a stressed and
depressed state of mind. YOU can become a new creature in
Presently, you might be so bereft of self-esteem you blush when
it is mentioned. Christ wants you to have a good self-image and
a healthy sense of self-worth.
*Hoping that it will be helpful to you, I want you to know that
no person has a perfect self-image. In reality, no one feels
totally happy with self at all times.
*Self-image grows like a muscle. With the right Biblical
exercise, your healthy self-image can grow. You can raise your
self-image - - starting here and now.
* Everyone has negative parts in his or her self- ...

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