Your Guide To Happiness by Nelson Price

JOHN 16: 13 - 15
JESUS CHRIST said, "If any man wills to know the will of God he
shall know it..." (John 7:17). Christ wants to give you guidance
in life even more than you want Him to. He is precommitted to
granting guidance to His people. Once we become precommitted to
doing His will, He is pleased to reveal it.
A willingness to do His will before knowing it evidences a
confidence in Him. It reveals you trust Him not to reveal to you
anything that is not good for you. It is a silent confession
that you know His will is always best.
One reason so much of God's will is unknown to His people is
that they are not doing His known will. Only when we do His
known will is He pleased to reveal more of His will. Our doing
of His will indicates we will do His will.
I remind you: to know God's will is the greatest knowledge. To
do God's will is the greatest achievement.
Candidly, if you knew God's will regarding a certain major
decision confronting you, would you do it? You have of recent
time been answering this question. If you have not been doing
God's will in matters where you know it, you will not do it in
matters to be revealed. If you have been doing His will, you
have indicated to Him a willingness to do His will. That makes
God predisposed to further reveal His will to you so you can do
To know God's will - - -
Are you willing to trust our loving God enough to commit to His
Commitment such as He deserves and desires was noted by the
missionary David Livingston in his diary on t ...

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