Happy New Fear, Excuse Me, Year by Nelson Price


HEBREWS 13: 5 - 8

JESUS CHRIST embodies the only option we have as a competent
guide into an unknown future.
When I travel to an unknown country I make arrangements in
advance for a guide. The first person I look for when I get
there is my guide. I then commit myself into his care. This
gives me confidence and a sense of security.
We perpetually face an unknown and uncertain future. Nothing
focuses our attention on this principle like the beginning of a
new year. It is a grand time to pause and assess what we hope to
do and achieve. For such a venture I want a guide, one who
knows what is ahead and how to get me to where I need to be.
Again I say, Jesus Christ embodies the only option we have as a
competent guide into an unknown future.
When Alexander the Great and his army came to the Khyber Pass,
he called for his map makers and requested maps of the territory
beyond. They informed him all maps stopped at the pass. When he
and his army marched through the Khyber Pass, they were
literally marching off the map.
Daily we march into uncharted territory. We need a guide.

I. HIS ABIDING PRESENCE "I will never leave you nor forsake
I am thankful for both expressions. By not leaving us, He means
in the best of times He won't abandon us. When it is said He
won't forsake us, it means He won't abandon us and leave us
The word translated "forsake" also means to "renounce." We are
eternally His. In consider ...

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