Profile Of A Productive Christian by Nelson Price

ACTS 2: 41 - 47
JESUS CHRIST arose from the dead and all heaven broke loose.
Cowardly disciples became courageous devotees. Typical of them
was Cephas, the sandbox, who emerged to be Peter, the Rock,
Jesus said he would be.
Fifty days after the resurrection of Christ a unique phenomenon
occurred. Parenthetically, I remind you the word "unique" means
none other like it. There never had been and there never will
be another event like Pentecost. It was the birthday of the
church. As promised, Christ gave them a birthday gift, the Holy
Spirit. With the Holy Spirit filling them, that is controlling
them, they went out to tell the gospel for the first time. Peter
was a primary spokesman. His preaching resulted in 3000
Incidentally, within the span of that generation, that church
grew to number over 100,000. HOW?
Note the sequence of events in these verses.
Dawson Trotman, in his book, "Born To Reproduce," gives this
insight. If one Christian won one person to Christ and spent six
months helping to mature that one before each of them won
someone else, the world could be won in 16 years. At the end of
six months, the two would be four. At the end of a year they
would be eight. Multiplying this conversion, maturing, and
conversion cycle every six months, the total in seven years
would be 33,000 converts. If that process continued for sixteen
years, the total would be nearly three billion converts.
Multiplication, not addition is the issue.

Acts 2 lists several characteristics that should typify each of
us personally.
I. ...

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