First Steps In Developing Discernment by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 7: 1 - 6
JESUS CHRIST seeks to help us develop balance in life. Tenderly
He taught principles that, if applied, give our lives
equilibrium. Frequently He gave insight into our outlook. He
often taught regarding human nature. One theme He stressed was
our attitude and spirit. He was always practical. Therefore, He
appealed for balance. He wants His followers to avoid improper
criticism and a judgmental spirit while being discerning and not
being naive.
There are numerous classic cases of misjudgments. When Elias
Howe invented the sowing machine one editor wrote, "The machine
is an absurdity. Why, if there were a machine that could sew,
what would the women of America do with all their spare time?"
Remington invented a machine that would type and critics
commented, "Who would write enough letters in a year to justify
a machine that sells for $100.00?"
An aspiring young artist was fired from his first major
newspaper job because he "had little talent as an artist." Yet,
Walt Disney lived to prove he had been misjudged.
Louis Pasteur was described by one of his teachers as "The
meekest, smallest, and least promising student in my class."
This tutor is "Exhibit A" of a misjudgment.
A young Italian lad was laughed off the stage the first timehe
sang publicly, but he later returned to the stage of LaScala and
dozens of other opera houses known as perhaps the greatest
of all tenors with a repertory of over 500 songs, Enrico Caruso.
His laughing critics judged him incorrectly.
After a chapel servi ...

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