Opportunities Abound For Those Unbound by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 16: 13 - 19

JESUS CHRIST asked Peter a question I want to pose to you on
Christ's behalf. He enquired: "Who do you say I am?"
Who is Jesus to you? Your answer determines how you are willing
to relate to Him in time, and how He must relate to you in
Is Christ simply a folk hero? A dynamic figure in history? A
good moral man who was a great teacher? Or is your answer
contemporary? That is, can you presently update that answer
given by Peter and happily say, "He is my Christ, the Son of the
living God!"
For Peter that was a revolutionary response. For us it should be
a reasonable response.
For centuries the people had been looking for the Christ
prophetically foretold. Hundreds of counterfeit Christs were in
the land at that time, declaring themselves to be the Messiah,
the special deliverer sent by God. Each made his pitch for the
devotion of the people.
Today the market is flooded with phony Christs, each appealing
for your devotion. It is estimated that in California alone,
there are over 350 people professing to be Christ.
Using the term as he did, Peter was saying you are the one who
fits the pattern of all the prophecies. (Sculptures).
The Greek text uses the definite article four times: "You are
THE Christ, THE Son of THE living God." Peter was being
emphatic meaning "You and you only are THE Son of God."
John wrote of Him as being God's "only begotten Son." He used
the term MONO GENESIS meaning "the only one of a kind."
II. ...

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