Open For Membership: The Barnabas Or Ananias Clubs by Nelson Price

ACTS 4: 32 - 5: 16
JESUS CHRIST brought into being a new society called the
"church." In Acts 5:11 the term appears for the first time. It
translates the Greek word EKKLESIA, meaning "the called out
One of the most beautiful New Testament titles given the church
is "the body of Christ." I Cor. 12: 12-13 uses the analogy of
the human body to illustrate the principle of all believers
constituting one body.
Acts 4: 32 gives three traits that bond a body of believers,
"Now the company of those who believed were of one heart and one
soul." Those terms identify the mind, emotions, and wills.
A mutual, intellectual togetherness in belief is essential.
"Soul" speaks of the same Spirit-enabled verve and zest for
spiritual life.
It then requires the will to do before faith becomes practical.
Three primary persons are mentioned in our text. We normally
rush by the first without giving notice of him in order to get
to the two primary players, Ananias and Sapphira. Let's begin
with the overlooked character.
The character to which I refer is Joses, or Joseph, who was
given a nickname by the apostles. They called him Barnabas. The
text even pauses to tell us the meaning of his name: "Son of

It comes from the Greek HUIOS PARAKLESEOS. The latter of the two
words is of the same root Jesus used of the Holy Spirit. It
means one who goes alongside another to help and strengthen by
encouraging, empowering, and exhorting. An encourager accepts
and affirms people.
An example of the ministry of Barnabas is found later in Acts.

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