Up, Up And Away ... We Go by Nelson Price

ACTS 1: 1 - 3 & 9 - 11
JESUS CHRIST said, "All power is given unto Me in heaven and on
earth" (Matthew 28:18).
Before His ascension He further stated, "...you shall receive
power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you..." (Acts 1: 8).
Jesus Christ's resurrection was followed forty days later by His
glorious ascension into heaven. During that forty day interval
He appeared to His disciples and taught them. A climactic
classroom session was held on the Mount of Olives. There He
spoke words heard by them, but relevant to them and us. He
shared insight into why we are here.
Recently, a lovely young woman asked a question that frequents
the thoughts of most of us. She queried, "Do you think I am
fulfilling the function for which I was born?" As that question
relates to you, do you feel you are fulfilling the role for
which you were born?
In our text Christ unveils several principles regarding the
reason He leaves Christians on earth after saving them. Why
doesn't He take us on to heaven the moment we are saved? We will
never be any more saved than at that minute, yet, He leaves us
here. Why? What is your reason for being?
Could the broadspread restlessness among us be attributed to the
fact many persons aren't fulfilling their highest role?
For many, their church life is simply a security syndrome. They
find inspiration and derive a sense of good feeling from going
through the routine of religious formality. However, their faith
has been tailored to suit their cultural climate.
That may have appeased people in the past ...

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