Who Me Worry? by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 6: 25 - 34
JESUS CHRIST is in love with you. Like all who love another He
is concerned about your welfare. He is concerned about your
personal duress and mental stress. Your central nervous system
and peace of mind are of concern to Him.
He, as our creator, knows that worry is to a human life what
rust is to metal or decay is to wood.
Question: "Do your friends classify you as a worrier?"
Worry can kill you. It can even cause you to kill yourself.
Medical science has closely tied worry to heart trouble, blood
pressure difficulties, ulcers, thyroid malfunction, migraine
headaches, a host of stomach disorders, and numerous other
difficulties. Worry is not a disease but it can contribute to
many diseases. Though it is not a disease it is more contagious
than many diseases.
A leading physician has stated that 70% of all medical patients
could cure themselves if only they got rid of their worries and
The word Jesus used that is translated "worry" in the NKJ and
"take no thought" in the beautiful AKJ, on which many of us were
reared, is MERIMNAO. It comes from "merizo" meaning "to divide"
and "nous" meaning "mind." It means to have a divided mind. It
is a mind divided between worldly attitudes and Biblical
Incidentally, the AKJ was written in 1611, and at that at time
the word "thought" meant anxiety, restlessness, or the
penetration of fear which upset the balance of life and turned
the entire mind into a mood of dejection and weary anxiety. The
use of the word "thought" for anxiety is seen in the ...

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