The Path A Person by Nelson Price

JOHN 14: 1 - 6
JESUS CHRIST said, "I am the way...," meaning "I and I only am
the only way." It was a very emphatic statement. Thank God there
is "A" way to Him. Don't quibble that there is only one way.
Marvel that there is any way.
Who is this One that made such an audacious statement?
Old Testament prophecy was His pre-written biography. He is the
foretold, preannounced, prior-acclaimed virgin born incarnate
God, Immanuel, God with us.
The chances of an Old Testament prophet writing eight prophecies
and having them come true in one person is one to the
seventeenth power; that is, 1000 quadrillion. Consider an even
more remarkable scenario.
Imagine that over a period of 1500 years approximately 332
sculptors were asked to sculpture a human body part. Neither of
them is told of the works of the other and what scale or
material to use. After 1500 years these unrelated works are
brought together. Each part is found to be to the exact scale of
the other and to be of the same material. Each part fits exactly
and contributes to make the whole figure. Amazingly the figure
is an exact likeness to Jesus Christ.
There are 332 prophecies related to Christ that have been
fulfilled. That not only is a mathematical impossibility and
physically inconceivable; it is a supernatural reality.
He, our Path, is spoken of in Hebrews 6:20 as our "forerunner."
The Greek word is PRODROMOS. It was a word used in navigation.
When a foreign vessel entered a port, a person known as a
"pilot" went on board. This is still true here in the port city
of New Orleans. The pilot i ...

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