The Bible: God's Holy Word by Nelson Price

II PETER 1: 16 - 21

JESUS CHRIST said, "You search the Scriptures, for in them you
think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of
Me" (John 5: 39).
A student at Baylor University said, "I want to understand
myself better, therefore, I am studying the Scripture about God.
The Scripture says I am created in the image of God, so the
better I know Him the better I can understand myself."
To know God the Father, to know God the Son, to know the work of
God the Holy Spirit, and to better understand yourself study the
Scripture. It is a book about you.
There is an old couplet that has survived the ages because it is
true: "This book will keep you from sin. Sin will keep you from
this book."
Satan knowing the power of God's Word desires and designs to
reduce our confidence in and divert our attention from the
Scripture. I have uninhibited confidence in it.
My dear friend Zig Ziglar said, "I have no difficulty believing
that a perfect God can produce a perfect Book."
Yet, this miracle-working Book has its major detractors. Some of
which minister in the house of God. One of our missionaries from
Kenya recently told me there is a great spiritual awakening
there now with literally thousands being saved. Myriads are
turning from the Moslem faith to Christ. To counter this
spiritual awakening the Moslem's have made a film to be shown
around the country. It opens by showing a picture of the
Bible and the Koran side by side and asking the question: "If
God were going to reveal himself to man which of ...

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