Benjamin Franklin: Was He A Christian by Nelson Price


EPHESIANS 2: 8 - 10

JESUS CHRIST said even the devils believe and tremble. Benjamin
Franklin picked up on this as a proof text to support his
concept of salvation.
Of all early statesmen perhaps Franklin wrote more about his
faith than any. What was the faith of this outstanding statesman
to whom we owe so much?
First let's acknowledge that his life was one of virtue and good
works. We are the beneficiaries of much of his good works.
Consider just a few of his many accomplishments. As a scientist
and inventor, he developed the Franklin stove which is still
used because it uses less fuel and gives more heat. He is well
known for his kite experiment which identified lightening as
electricity. He was the first to scientifically study the Gulf
Stream. He was the first to advocate daylight-savings-time.
People everywhere to this day appreciate his production of
bifocal glasses. Perhaps no other early American, with the
possible exception of Thomas Jefferson, did so many things so
While experimenting with electricity, he tried to kill a turkey
using it. Something malfunctioned and he, not the turkey got the
charge which stunned him. When he recovered he commented, "I
tried to kill a turkey, and instead, I nearly killed the goose."
As an educator, he started an academy for boys that became the
University of Pennsylvania.
As a printer, he owned the "Pennsylvania Gazette." He published
the popular "Poor Richard's Almanac" for 25 years. Through it he
became known for wit and wisdom as embodied i ...

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