The King Wants You As A Member Of His Kingdom by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 21: 1 - 9
JESUS CHRIST deserves and desires to rule in your life. Every
person has some one or some thing to which they give optimum
allegiance. It may be an occult or cult figure. It may be drugs.
Yours may be a collective king, that is, a group of friends
which you desire to please more than anything or anyone. Your
king might well be your own carnal appetites; the lusts of the
flesh. Perhaps your king is some basically good cause that has
been given supreme allegiance over the Lord Jesus Christ. You
may be a workaholic who has displaced King Jesus with your
Whatever the object of your supreme affection and devotion, that
is your King, your God.
Who rules in your life is important. Like governments, those who
govern determine whether there is peace or turmoil, what the
privileges of the people are, and what protection provided.
Likewise the resources of the government are the resources of
the people. With Jesus as your King the resources of the kingdom
of Heaven are yours. They are inexhaustible.
Being a citizen of the Kingdom doesn't assure you that you will
not have to engage in conflict. It simply guarantees you that
you have a Strategist, in the person of Jesus Christ, who will
devise a plan assuring you victory.
By observing some events and teachings of Christ during His last
days we can better comprehend the meaning of His Kingship.
Let's pick up the story of Jesus going to Jerusalem at the time
of the Passover. This was a very special celebration to
commemorate the de ...

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