It Is Time To Take Off The Mask by Nelson Price


ROMANS 12: 9 - 17
JESUS CHRIST delights in helping people remove their masks. In
doing so He not only helps us see ourself as we are, but He
reveals to us all that we can be AND the joy inherent in being
He knows the emptiness and loneliness caused a mask-wearer and
the confusion and deception caused by wearing masks. He lived
among persons whose life-style was a charade. They, like many
today, lived life as play-actors.
Repetitiously and with clear candor He confronted these
deceptive dramatists and called them "hypocrites." In the book
of Matthew Christ used the Greek word for hypocrite, HUPOKRITES,
fifteen times. It was a word originating in the Greek theater.
It meant a mask-wearer. In the theater one actor or actress
might well play several roles. In one role the person would come
on stage wearing one costume and a mask representing a certain
character. These masks were on short sticks and were held in
front of the face. That same person might go off stage change
costumes, put on elevator shoes, pick up a different mask,
change voice inflection and come back on stage as another
That is okay on stage. It is acceptable and expected in the
theater. However, when it becomes a life-style on the street, it
becomes confusing.

Recently, while speaking at a national drug symposium in
Birmingham I made a statement that has been repeated in the
press across the country. Hear it and consider its validity.
"Only 5% of America's drug and alcohol addicts live on skid row.
Many addicts ...

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