Moses; The Cost Of Criticism by Nelson Price

5/27/90 PM
EXODUS 33: 1-15 and NUMBERS 12:1-6
TEXT - Exodus 33: 12 - 16

Jesus Christ quoted the prophet Isaiah: "These people draw near
to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their
heart is far from me..."
Is that descriptive of you or someone you know? There now I
have already made in error in this message by saying 'someone
you know," because each of us has the capacity of immediately
shifting attention from ourself to another person. Reconsider,
is it true of you?
An incident in the lives of Moses, Miriam, and Aaron is a case
study of this happening. Each had been assigned by God a very
distinctive role. A problem arose when one became jealous of
the other.
I realize that in preaching what I do on this occasion, some may
accuse me of being self-serving or defensive. Those who do will
be guilty of the very sin that caused the problem in our story.
What is shared does pertain to a pastor/people relationship, but
it also deals with any relationship involving an authoritative
figure, such as, parent/child, employer/employee, teacher/pupil,
or political leader/people. Regardless of what relationship you
apply it to, there is a principal that needs to be learned.
Moses prayer, " me Your way..." (33:13) God answered, "My
Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest." (33:14).
With such confident reassurance what can stop or even retard
their progress? Christ has promised to bless and build His
church. He has set the process in motion and momentum has built
what can slow it? The same thing that halted the progre ...

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