How To Gain The Joy Of Your Salvation by Nelson Price

PSALMS 32: 1 - 5
JESUS CHRIST wants to perform a miracle in your life. He doesn't
want us to come to an hour like this and go away remorseful over
guilt. He wants us to go away rejoicing over grace.
Unfortunately there are many persons suffering from an enormous
guilt complex. If you are one, I have good news for you. Relief
is just a swallow away. Swallow your pride and admit your guilt
as a starting point. From there the picture gets brighter. Some
persons have great difficulty doing this. They blame everything
and every one else rather than admit their own guilt.
Guilt has put modern psychiatry in business. Guilt is what is
bugging this generation. I don't want to add to that guilt. It
is my intent to offer relief because I know guilt is the most
persistent enemy of inner peace. Guilt refuses to be explained
away, to be bypassed or ignored.
Efforts to overcome guilt by disregarding the conscience is like
trying to cure a fever by throwing away the thermometer.
Thank God for a conscience. Ben Franklin looked on the bright
side and concluded, "A good conscience is a continual
James Metcalf described conscience as a "...walkie-talkie set by
which God speaks to us."
A good conscience is like a good compass on a journey. Our
English word comes from the Latin and means "to know with," or
"co-knowledge." Unless a person has a basic knowledge of
Scripture the conscience is not a good guide. Working together
the mind has experiential knowledge of what we do and the memory
pulls up on the computer scre ...

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