The Joy Of Being Salty by Nelson Price


JESUS CHRIST said to you, "YOU are the salt of the Earth..."
There is dignity in that declaration. Salt was valuable. A bag
of salt was worth more than a man. With that statement He gave
life purpose.
The "YOU" He originally addressed was a group of ex-fishermen on
a hillside in a remote corner of the world. To them He said,
"YOU are the salt of the Earth..." These words are either comic
or cosmic.
In the last Beatitude, Christ told us how the world would react.
Now He tells us how to respond, that is, what to do in the
Having completed His comments on character He now turns to
Believers are not to exist in isolation. They are to be in the
world but not of the world to influence the world. Christ here
speaks of relationships.
He never tells us a thing is good without telling us what it is
good for. Having told us what to "be" He now tells us what to
do. Here Christ defines the church's reason for existing. It
exists for the world's sake.
Being is doing. Our greatest work for God and man is to BE.
Many Christians seem to feel their greatest object in life is to
engage in direct service. Thus, they spend time
inventoryinginformation and cataloging methods while leaving
their personal character to care for itself. Our main thought
should be that Christ be fashioned in us and thus found in us.
We have got to get the salt out of the shaker. Christianity
doesn't fully function in isolation. In Egypt, in the middle of
the third century, an ascetic na ...

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