What Picks You Up When You Are Down? by Nelson Price

ISAIAH 26: 1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST can relate to you. Can you relate to Him? If not, I
pray you will come to know the "peace" inherent in such a
relationship. Everybody needs help. He is the help everybody
needs. Unfortunately, not all are wise enough to realize this.
Everybody needs support. Everybody has some support. Some
critics of Christianity say it is a crutch. If that is the term
chosen it has application to more than Christianity.
ALCOHOL is the crutch of choice for some. Alcohol use, abuse,
and misuse results in someone being killed in an automobile
accident every 23 minutes. Alcohol poisons every part of the
body. It reduces a person's life expectancy by 10 to 15 years.
It is a sedative and an irritant to the central nervous system.
Several scientific studies reveal it is likely the largest cause
of impotence. It causes 30,000 deaths a year from cirrhosis
alone. It gives none of the peace and happiness it promises. It
is a broken crutch.
ASTROLOGY is the preferred choice of many. Astrology isn't a
good sign. It is such a popular crutch that an estimated 10,000
persons work at it full time and approximately 200,000 part
time. Studies reveal that 23% of Americans believe in their
It has been left to the scientific community to debunk that
which the Christian community has not defamed. Europeans Michael
and Francois Gauquelin assembled and studied the horoscopes of
25,000 persons. "It is now quite certain that the signs in
thesky which presided over births have no power whatever ...
Every effort made by astrologers to defend their ba ...

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