Rejoice Highly Favored Ones by Nelson Price

LUKE 2: 1 - 20
JESUS CHRIST'S birth resulted in angels rejoicing, shepherds
celebrating, and wise men worshipping. His coming brought "Joy
to the World."
His coming into your life can do the same for you!
There is a formula applicable to life that finds its maximum
application related to His birth. It is, "The length of wait
multiplied by the depth of anticipation equals the height of
Prophetically His coming to earth had been prophesied.
ISAIAH (7:4) foretold the miraculous virgin conception of
Christ. Try to explain the virgin birth and you lose your
reasoning. Try to deny it and you lose your soul.
There is no way to explain the Christ story other than that the
Holy One quietly quartered in the virgin's womb was miraculously
placed there by God the Father.
MICAH (5:2) identified the place of His birth to be Bethlehem.
DANIEL (9:25) even told the time of His birth.
HOSEA (11:1) revealed the retreat of His family into Egypt.
These and hundreds of other prophecies were made over hundreds
of years. The length of wait was from the day of the closing of
the gate of Eden. Mankind's ever increasing spiritualneed only
served to deepen the anticipation. His coming resulted in
heightened joy.

Imagine what must have gone on in those final days before His
birth. Our imaginations are fed enough facts that they need no
expansion to reflect on His coming.
An angel, a heavenly creature created a little lower than we
human beings, was dispatched from Heaven on an earthly errand.
This he ...

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