A Life Changing Outlook by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 22: 34 - 40
JESUS CHRIST has an opinion of you. You have an opinion of Him,
everyone does.
His opinion of you is made clear in Scripture. He loves you.
What is your opinion of Him? In light of His opinion of you
perhaps you need to re-evaluate your opinion of Him. Though He
will always have a higher opinion of us than we have of Him,
perhaps we need to elevate our opinion of Him.
He has always had His detractors. One such religious group of
His day was called Pharisees. They constantly tried to trick and
trap Him. He didn't fit their mold. They wanted to dispute His
teachings and refute His title.
One day these Pharisees watched with delight as Christ engaged
in a verbal battle with their counterparts the Sadducees. They
were delighted when Christ "muzzled" the Sadducees.
Now this was their moment. If they could snare Christ in a
verbal trap, not only would they be one up on Him; but this
would be a big put-down to the Sadducees.
They asked Him what was "the great commandment?" The scribes who
maintained and taught the law said there were 613 moral laws;
248 were positive and 365 negative. They chose this number
because there were 613 letters in the words comprising the Ten
Commandments. This system was known as "rabbinical letterism."
Almost every law had its advocates. People had selected their
favorites and measured others by what they understood their
petlaw to mean. Therefore, no matter which one Christ would
choose there would be many who would disagree. This was a
question which they thought had no right answer.

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